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Dog Training

Our training lessons teach both dog and owner to better understand and communicate with each other and involve not only training the dog to obey commands unwaveringly, but also to ensure that the owner herself learns to lead effectively.

Dog Walking

The more activities dogs are involved in, the more conditioned their neurological system becomes to motion, position, coordinated movement and balance. We strive to provide healthy, stimulating and challenging experiences for your dog during each walk.

Dog Hiking

We will pick up your dog(s) and take them for an off leash adventure hike exploring new sights and smells giving your dog physical exercise and mental stimulation. Your dog will be an intergral part of a well balanced group with similar energy levels and needs. 

         "We adore Joanne almost as              much as our Golden Retriever,     Hobbes, does! He loves her because she is fun, kind, energetic, and handles dogs so well. We love her because she is so very thoughtful, trustworthy, professional, flexible, reasonable and easy to communicate with. She is a gem and we know we are extremely lucky to have found her!" 

Andrea C ~ Hobbes

Since finding Trek n Train 

our dog Gracie has been able

to get the exercise that is so

important to making her the healthy and happy puppy she is. She has made many friends and looks forward to her hikes each day.  As a working couple we feel so fortunate to have found Joanne whom we can truly trust with our dog to know that she’ll be cared for in the best way possible. 

            Emily G ~ Gracie