Adventure Hikes 


 We will pick up your dog(s) and take them for an off leash adventure hike exploring new sights and smells giving your dog physical exercise and mental stimulation. Your dog will be an intergral part of a well balanced group of no more than four other dogs with similar energy levels and needs. Your dog will be dropped home tired and happy! 


We take an average of five happy dogs hiking on nearby trails to Saxon Woods or the Leather Stocking Trail Monday-Friday. First group at 9am, second group at 11am. Saturday/Sunday 9am only.  Hikes usually last about  1 hour. Total time away from home is usually 1.5 -2 hrs, depending on location.

Group Hike Length:

Our hikes are one hour.  The total process of pick-up to drop-off  will take approximately 2 hours depending on where you live.

Pick-Up and Drop-off:

We pick-up and drop-off from the owner’s home.  We pick up dogs in whatever way is easiest for the owner.  The majority of owners give us a key for use when they are not home, but any way which allows us to pick up the dog without disruption works.

Our Process of Adding a New Dog:

Once you contact us, we will answer any questions, and set up a time to come and meet your dog.  Before introducing a new dog to the group, we will first meet and walk your dog, and introduce him to one or two other dogs from the group that he will be hiking with.  This will take about 30 minutes. 

Rainy Weather and Mud:

We hike in all weather.  If we need to cancel a day, we will let you know as far in advance as possible.  This might happen once a year or so.  In rainy weather, we bring towels to dry the dogs off. Dogs are also especially likely to become more dirty or muddy after it has rained, though there is always a possibility of them rolling in dirt or mud we make every effort to clean them off after the hike.


What We Do When it’s Hot:

When it’s very hot, we usually travel for about 30 minutes total, and let the dogs rest/explore for about 30 minutes in different shady locations. The car is also air conditioned and ventilated for the ride to and from the hike.  

Collar with Tags:

We ask that all dogs wear a collar with tags.  We are always learning about dogs and dog behavior, but there is always a chance of a new dog running away and a collar with tags provides a layer of protection.  If you prefer to leave a collar out, we are happy to put it on before the hike and take if off after.


Dogs may come into contact with ticks. There is a great non toxic tick prevention spray we like to use and recommend dogs are sprayed in tick season. We do scan for ticks after hike but if it becomes a problem, we recommend using a medication of your choice. 

Business Insurance:

We are insured by Pet Sitters Associates.


Canceling a hike is not a problem and can be done up until as close as 30 minutes before we would usually pick your dog up.

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